20M Vertical

by W4INF @ rogertango.com

Build your own 50 ohm coax fed 20m vertical antenna, so easy a 9 year old can do it, or at least help! And the budget? You may already have the materials on hand, or worse case spend $15.

The basic parts I used, #14 solid copper wire, screws, a piece of board and (not pictured) an SO-239.

I drilled out one of the holes that will be needed to secure the SO-239 to the base plate.

Measuring 1" in from the outside edge, I boxed it out with pencil. Then ticked even distance so as 3 pilot holes can be made on each side. My board is 11" X 11", I think that or a square foot would be the best to use. I wouldnt go much smaller, and there would be no advantage to go bigger. If you wanted to put 4 radials on each side, then build it into your design.

I told you it was easy!

Mount up the 239...

Put the screws half way in. You will be wrapping the copper wire around them.

Almost done...

Not much work or time, all finished and ready to deploy!

I figured it wouldn't hurt, so I soldered all the wire crossings.

A little closer view of the 239's backside.

A bit of glare out, but I managed to locate where I wanted my vertical setup. Doah, under a tree branch.

Here it is, the rope launcher ready to string the vertical. You might be asking yourself so Ill tell you... The radiator and radials are all 16.5 feet long.

It's up! Lets go test!

Nothing fancy to pull it up, and not enough weight to worry about much.

One last shot of the antenna, if you cant figure it out by now, visit HRO and buy an antenna! As I mentioned, I only quick rigged 4 radials to test it out, you should run 8 or 12 for a better ground system. The ends of the wire were pushed into the earth, not for a better ground... just to keep the wire from rolling up on it's self. You can use rocks, bricks or what ever... Or even bury them about 2 to 3 inches below the ground surface

Well, what do you know? The TS-120S is pumping 110 watts out and the SWR is tuned FLAT!