QSL Cards from the Past


The ARRL just posted a link to this old QSL cards website by W8JYZ which documents some of the older QSL cards around. You will recognize some very famous names (hams and SWLers) on the website when you surf over there.

73, Al

Raising the VE3STR Tower

Dietmar VE3CG and Dave VA3TD on the tower

The VE3STR tower was taken down, re-zinced and repainted and then ona beautiful morning in early October was raised again, courtesy of Yarmouth Cranes. For the full story and pictures, check out the article at the club site web site.

73, Al

Dog Days of Summer

dog days of summer

A good way to pass the dog days of summer.. Thanks to Bob VE6RI for the picture.

73, Al

p.s. VE6RI Bob informs me that this op is K9DOG and clipping along at 25 wpm, not bad eh!

Flight of the Bumblebees

bee1The Adventure Radio Society sponsors an annual event called Flight of the Bumblebees.

This QRP event takes place on July 31st, from 1700 UTC to 2100 UTC, take that radio out to some shaded spot and get on the air and contact all of the Bumblebees and others on the air that day. See you hopefully from my own portable location…

73, Al

Sputnik 1

sputnik 1The first man-made artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, was launched by the Soviet union on the 4th of October 1957, it marked the beginning of the Sopace Age. The satellite travelled at 29,000 kilometers per hour (18,000 mph), completed an orbit in 96.2 minutes and transmitted radio signals at 20.005 and 40.002 mhz and was monitored by many amateurs worldwide. Sputnik’s flight lasted until the 4th of January 1958 when it burned up after coming back into the Earth’s atmoshere.

Mike AA1TJ has taken on a project to rebuild the transmitter used in Sputnik 1 and hopes to complete it sometime this year before the 64th anniversary of its launch. This may prove to be a historic project, reproducing something that blasted us into the Space Age.

For more information, check out the wiki link.

73, Al

7 Band Portable Dipole Antenna

7 band portable dipole antenna


Bob Rice VE3HKY has produced another beautiful antenna, this time it is called the 7-Band Portable Dipole Antenna. I attended the London Amateur Radio Club meeting last night and he gave a talk on his new antenna. His previous 7-Band Semi-Vertical Antenna is documented at his site. His new portable dipole seems to compare nicely with the W3FF Buddipole. Contact Bob at bobrice2@sympatico.ca for more information, he has a DVD which shows him constructing one of the antennas. Let me know if you build one!

73, Al

p.s. link to video on how to build the antenna


One of the posters to QRP-L gave a link to the radios used by troops in WW2, the SCR-694. Old time QRP, link, there are 3 videos on this wartime radio.


73, Al

N3ZN Keys


K7QO on his website wrote an article about a beautiful paddle he had purchased called the ZN-4A from N3ZN Keys. If you are interested in paddles at all, take a look at Tony’s web site and enjoy the incredible workmanship in the paddles. What great looking paddles!

73, Al

Tuna Tin 2 35th Anniversary Special


QRPMe.com is offering a 35th anniversary special version of the famous Doug Demaw Tuna Tin 2 transmitter. The original article appeared in QST 35 years ago, and has been kitted and built by many hams since. The original Tuna Tin 2 tranmitter still exists and is put on the air occasionally. There is also a companion receiver available from qrpme.com if you want to pair this classic transmitter with a classic receiver. Take a look at Rex Harper’s website qrpme.com for more details. Have fun building…

73, Al