Stealth Antennas

As a han radio operator, you only dream about the perfect location to operate from and where you can have the best antennas in the world, but most of us live in the real world with all of its restrictions. Here are articles about a couple of what I call stealth antennas, antennas disguised so that you would not think of them as an “ugly” ham anteena. Of course, to a ham, no antenna is ugly!

flowerpot antennaflagpole antennaHere is a link to an antenna system that you can hide in your front flower garden. Built using a flower pot, this antenna system can be deployed almost anywhere in the garden allowing you to operate some of your favourite bands.

Another stealth system used is to hide your antenna inside what looks like a flagpole. You can be patriotic at the same time as you will be able to work the ham radio bands that this antenna covers. The neighbours will be none the wiser!