The End Fed Half Wave Antenna

image by AA5TB

One of the major resources on the web for the EFHW antenna is AA5TB’s site. I have included many links to articles on his site but also have some others. If you are interested in the EFHW antenna, check them out.


73, Al

2 Replies to “The End Fed Half Wave Antenna”

  1. I would advise against connecting the primary and secondary windings together which then make the braid of the coax feed into a counterpoise. My antennas worked better and gave a lower SWR with a counterpoise connected to the cold end of the primary of the coil.

    PLEASE NOTE: the labels on the diagram above are reversed! The primary is has the greater number of turns and the secondary connects to the coax – it is a step down transformer!


  2. I put another image of the EFHW antenna up (hopefully Steve does not mind), not showing the ground connection as you mentioned.

    73 Al

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