POTA Happenings: May 28, 2022

VE-5618 Archie Coulter Conservation Area was just recently added to the POTA system. It is located about 12 km east of my QTH here in St Thomas, ON, Canada, because the Trans-Canada Trail VE-5082 goes along Brouwers Line, the road that the conservation area is on, operation from this entity qualifies it as a 2-fer.

On May 28, 2022, I planned to operate from this new POTA park, and claim 2-fer contacts for both VE-5618 and VE-5082.

I used my Kenwood TS-50 radio, running 100w, from a Bioenno 20ah battery, and used my old 40m and 20m hamsticks on a mag-mount for an antenna. I managed to make 18 contacts during this activation, band conditions did not seem to be very good.

As you can tell, I took the picture of the parking lot at the conservation area back in the winter, then I was just hoping that it would eventually be added to the POTA system. I knew then that if it was, that as an activator, you can do a 2-fer if and when it was added to POTA, this made it an attractive destination park for me. An added bonus to me is that I would be the first activator of this entity.

The log of my contacts that day follows:


POTA Happenings: May 25, 2022

Activation of VE-1688 Ward McKenna Conservation Area

First time activation of this conservation area tucked into the south end of Aylmer, ON, made 42 contacts, best contact of the day was with EA1GIB in Spain, 7 park to park stations.

POTA Happenings: May 23, 2022

Activation of VE-5541 EM Warwick Conservation Area:

First POTA activation of VE-5541 EM Warwick Conservation Area, made 13 contacts, on 20m and 40m