Raising the VE3STR Tower

Dietmar VE3CG and Dave VA3TD on the tower

The VE3STR tower was taken down, re-zinced and repainted and then ona beautiful morning in early October was raised again, courtesy of Yarmouth Cranes. For the full story and pictures, check out the article at the club site web site.

73, Al

7 Band Portable Dipole Antenna

7 band portable dipole antenna


Bob Rice VE3HKY has produced another beautiful antenna, this time it is called the 7-Band Portable Dipole Antenna. I attended the London Amateur Radio Club meeting last night and he gave a talk on his new antenna. His previous 7-Band Semi-Vertical Antenna is documented at his site. His new portable dipole seems to compare nicely with the W3FF Buddipole. Contact Bob at bobrice2@sympatico.ca for more information, he has a DVD which shows him constructing one of the antennas. Let me know if you build one!

73, Al

p.s. link to video on how to build the antenna

DCTL Antenna

Here’s an interesting antenna that I would like to try out some day, made from 300 ohm twin-lead.

73, Al

Balanced Feed Line


Dave Marling VE1VQ has an interesting article online about balanced feed line. Looks fairly easy to make using old plastic clothes hangers. Thanks Dave for posting this interesting article.

73, Al

The Venerable Dipole Antenna


One of the simplest antennas you can use to get on the air with is the dipole. Here is an article which shows you the simplicity of the antenna and outlines how you can put one up and use it on any frequency.

73, Al

The End Fed Half Wave Antenna

image by AA5TB

One of the major resources on the web for the EFHW antenna is AA5TB’s site. I have included many links to articles on his site but also have some others. If you are interested in the EFHW antenna, check them out.


73, Al

GADS Antenna by N4QA

Bill N4QA uses the Gutter And DownSpout on his house as an Antenna, with a tuner mounted at ground level with coax entering the house at the base of the downspout.

73, Al


Spiral Counterpoise

Jake, N0LX, has some nice antennas on display at his site. One of the more interesting ideas he writes about on his site is the idea of using a spiral of wire or ribbon as a counterpoise to a vertical. No room for radials, then perhaps this will work for you. Check out his article on a spiral counterpoise for a vertical antenna.

73, Al

Homebrew 20M Vertical

Here is a link to a homebrew 20M vertical by W4INF, easy enough that an 8 year old can do it. Vertical wire and radials are all 16.5′ long.

Note: the link to the original article is no longer available, this is a link to a copy of the original web page that I created.

73, Al

Hockey Puck launcher

VE3EIM Bob (now VE6RI) gave me this just before he moved from our area to Alberta. It has proven to be a good way to get antenna wires up into a tree.

73, Al


ed wa3wsjEd WA3WSJ has an interesting site to me. I don’t know how I found it initially, probably searching on antennas, but I do return it every once in a while to check out his activities. This guy is an avid hiker with his dog Trevor (pictured) and has developed some interesting antennas. I have links to a couple, not sure if these are still available on his site or not, the bead wire antenna and the tri-band dipole antenna. Check out his website, I will add a link to my list on the side.

73, Al