FYBO 2005 Remembered

FYBO 2005


Just ran across these old pictures taken when a bunch of us got together to operate FYBO 2005. It was a cold but sunny day in February…

Prepping at Tim Horton’s first, then a little show and tell, followed by some cold operating…

Dayton 2012 or Bust?


Setting out from Russ KB8U’s place in Ann Arbor, Michigan, John VE3JC, Ken VE3ELA and Russ KB8U are on their way to the Dayton Hamvention 2012. Ric VE3RLX accompanied them, driving the transport vahicle.




KB8U's tower


KB8U's station


chow time


on the road


where to next?


in the park


resting up


on the air


let's go for a ride


ready to go

Dayton 2012

Dayton Hamvention logo

dayton 2011

Dayton Hamvention 2011

Going to Dayton 2012? Friends of mine are biking from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Dayton. These crazy guys are John VE3JC, Ken VE3ELA and Russ KB8U. Ric VE3RLX is the driver of the accompanying vehicle. Good luck guys and, if I get any pictures from them on their trip, I will post them.

Dayton Hamvention link

FDIM (Four Days In May) link

Flight of the Bumblebees

bee1The Adventure Radio Society sponsors an annual event called Flight of the Bumblebees.

This QRP event takes place on July 31st, from 1700 UTC to 2100 UTC, take that radio out to some shaded spot and get on the air and contact all of the Bumblebees and others on the air that day. See you hopefully from my own portable location…

73, Al


One of the posters to QRP-L gave a link to the radios used by troops in WW2, the SCR-694. Old time QRP, link, there are 3 videos on this wartime radio.


73, Al

Tuna Tin 2 35th Anniversary Special


QRPMe.com is offering a 35th anniversary special version of the famous Doug Demaw Tuna Tin 2 transmitter. The original article appeared in QST 35 years ago, and has been kitted and built by many hams since. The original Tuna Tin 2 tranmitter still exists and is put on the air occasionally. There is also a companion receiver available from qrpme.com if you want to pair this classic transmitter with a classic receiver. Take a look at Rex Harper’s website qrpme.com for more details. Have fun building…

73, Al



QRP ARCI is celebrating its golden jubilee by endeavouring to put every state on the air in 2011. In 1961, the club started out as a 100 watt club interested in reducing QRM, and have transitioned into a group of operators, hikers, builders/experimenters, and contesters that pursue this great activity at five watts or less.

One way the club will mark this anniversary is to activate the club call in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia throughout 2011. QRP ARCI members/volunteers will be assigned one week during the year in which they can use the club call, K6JSS from their location. We encourage them to operate with K6JSS with as many modes/bands and as often as possible during their assigned week. A special “Worked All States” certificate will be issued to all that qualify by working 20, 30, 40 or all 50 states who use the callsign K6JSS. A plan is being developed for later in the year for any states you miss first time around.

Check K6JSS at QRZ.com for the operating schedule. Good luck in snagging the rest of the states.

73, Al

W7ZOI Technical Notes

Here’s a link to one of the technical wizards of our hobby. He has links to some nice material on his site. one of the first articles I noticed on his site was the one about breadboarding techniques from 2007, ugly construction and manhattan construction all mixed together.

73, Al