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If you have any feedback on this web site or want to contact me, email me or use the reply contact form below. 73, Al

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  1. Congrats on your new web site Al. It looks great.

    I want to update my web site with wordpress soon. How is the learning curve?

    Take care

    (currently on holiday in Kingsville On)


    1. Jim,
      I am no expert but googled a lot for help. my web site is hosted by and I googled for install wordpress and followed the steps involved.

      In my case, I have now installed the WP files in the root directory online, download them at and upload to your web site, then I defined the required database using a function called cpanel on the webqth site. after that, you need to change the wp-config.php file to reflect your db nam and p/w etc. A default theme is included with the wordpress download for use. this then gives you a site to work with.

      I also set up a test wp site locally on my computer using XAMPP. Again many of the same steps are required and this results in a test environment for your web site. Still learning here how to expand this and add pages other than the blog page and how to set up a HOME page, for example.

      if you want any help, then feel free to contact this WP newbie,

      73, Al


  2. Hi Jim,

    Very nice site. I have my domain ( but alas nothing up. If your NOT a pro web designer, what resource did you find most helpful in setting up your site.

    73/72 John ns5z


    1. Hi John, thanks for your comments.

      This site is set up this way because I wanted to learn WordPress, go to for more information. There are other sites as well that go through the set up steps and explain what is being done and why.

      If you want to set up a simple site, then just use HTML and CSS, WP does give you a lot of overhead but is good for adding blog entries on an on-going basis. I learned HTML and CSS through online tutorials, just google for them, and then tried writing up a web site. I now maintain the web site (HTML/CSS) for the curling club and also wrote a web site for my partner’s daughter’s baking business and now this one. These 2 sites are static sites in that updates are infrequent, not daily as is usually done on a blog site like this.

      Check out and for tutorials on HTML/CSS, and lots of others. Let me know how you make out, perhaps one day I will be checking your sites frequently for the latest news.

      73, Al


  3. Hi Al … You new web site looks very professional. When this N.Design theme was released for WordPress, I, too, debated converting my blog to this design as it was so reminiscent of my educational background. I envy your ability to regularly share aspects of the ham radio world in such a succinct, yet informative manner.

    Take care & keep smiling 🙂


  4. I believe N4QA is the brother I lost contact with 25 years ago…do you know him? think he now lives in Va…let me know if you know how to contact him..

    Thx…harmon mabry…Grapevine, TX…817 944 9552..


    1. I don’t know him or how to contact him



  5. I don’t suppose you still have the ts50?



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